Our commitment to 

GCi is committed to minimizing - or eliminating - the impact of our processes and products have on our environment, maximizing the use of recyclable or reusable materials and adopting, as much as possible, renewable sources of energy.

We are fully committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and continual improvement in all areas of its operation. To this end, GCi has implemented effective procedures to continually reduce the environmental impact of our processes and products over their entire life cycle, train employees on sound environmental practices, and follow the regulations established by national and local governments. These include:
Compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements to meet customer and community needs and expectations

Promoting the prevention of pollution

Continual improvement of our environmental management system

Minimizing environmental

Our Commitment to the Earth establishes the major principles for improving the environmental performance and permitting GCi Technologies to become one of the most environmentally friendly industrial companies. The GCi Environmental Management System (EMS) minimizes impact to the environment, design, manufacture, support, and use of our products by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials and energy.

The GCi Technologies EMS is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing, and improving GCi processes and actions to meet its environmental obligations. It serves as a vehicle to ensure that activities, products, and services conform to the ISO 14001 standard and environmental requirements.

Positive Impact on Our

GCi Technologies fully supports the environment protection philosophy that it is a company's mission that the Earth's environment be preserved for passing to future generations. To support this philosophy, GCi Texas Headquarters is already certified to ISO-14001.Shipping identification control

GCi's EHS Management Plan is intended to be reviewed and revised periodically. Currently our plan includes the following guidelines and procedures:
Establish a Policy and Objectives for EHS Management

Education regarding environmental hazardous substances

Methods of determining which part numbers need to be RoHS compliant

Procedures for meeting individual customer specific EHS requirements

Provide for non-use committal statements of specified hazardous materials

Define each applicable substance of concern

Provide for communication, both internal and external, regarding these plans

Plans and methods for internal audits and auditor training for EHS control